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The People's Choice for September, 2016    is "My Pond" 16" x 20" oil by Viva Jones

The People's Choice winner in November                                2016 was

         "Want Fries with That?" 16" x 20"                                  watercolor by

                   Jennifer Polnaszek

The People's Choice for August, 2016 was

    "Blue Hole Spillway" 16" x 29" photo

                      By Patrick O"Brien

The People's choice in February, 2017 was

   "Two Trees with Gold" 21" x 28" acrylic

                by Renene Newton

Dana Hendrix, Fine Arts Librarian for the Georgetown Publiclibrary is updating the City’s arts & culture website, http://arts.georgetown.org. The redesignedarts & culture site will feature our Cultural District anchors and corenonprofit arts groups, and will also still have a directory of local artists.

If you are in the Central Texas area and would like to have alisting on the new arts.georgetown.org site,please forward your information to: dana.hendrix@georgetown.org.
Options include:
Your name
Your business’ name
A new featured image from your work (please include title)
Email address
The mediums in which you work
The URL for your website
A brief description of your work

Address any questions to:
Dana Hendrix
Fine Arts Librarian
Georgetown Public Library
402 W. Eighth Street
Georgetown, TX 78626

        The People's Choice in April was

     "Paslm 121:1" 14" x 11" Pastel by

                         Alora Johns

The People's Choice in September

     was "My pond" by Violet Nicklen

 The People's Chioce n May, 2017 was

"Emerge" 24" x 24" Acrylic (print) by

                       Lynn Kessel

The Peole'sChoice for June, 2017, was

    "Autumn in Burguandy" 12" x 9"

            Pastel by Mary Olivera

The Peopple's Choice in August, 2017 was

      "Buffalo Naranjo" 30" x 24" Oil by

                      Lowana Charter 

The People's Choice July, 2017 was

"Winter Walk" 14" x 11" Pastel by

                   Marry Olivera

The People's Choice in March, 2017 was

"Rhinos and the Mysterious Rock"

24" x 16" Prismacolor pencil by

Linda Fig

The People's choice  winner in October

   2016 was "Living Carousel" 24" x 30" oil                           by LaWnn Tull

The People's Choice in December, 2016               was "Santa's Cousins" by

                       Janet Faulk

Art on dispaly in August, 2017