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In addition to their own gallery (see "Gallery" page), WCAG members exhibit their work in many venues across Williamson County, Texas.  The Guild identifies and communicates art shows and events in the monthly newsletter (see "Bulletin Board" page).  The WCAG annually arranges multiple exhibits and negotiates "exhibits-of-opportunity" in the community for its members.  Exhibited pieces can be offered for sale individually by artists.  An Exhibit Chair and a set of Exhibit Coordinators manage submission guidelines, acceptance, reception, hanging, and "take-down" activities for each of these events. 


    Instructions for member participation in WCAG-facilitated exhibits are provided individually below. 

                          (please review the General Advice for Preparing and Showing Artwork at the bottom of this page) 


    IMPORTANT WCAG Exhibit Policies: 

                Artists who make a sale at/from a WCAG-facilitated exhibit [other than Framer's Gallery] are expected to                        make a donation of 10% of the sale price to the WCAG. 


                Solo or exhibit-sharing artists desiring an artist-statement/bio placard for their exhibit are expected to                          provide their own along with their labels.   The exhibiting artist(s) may submit a written article about their                    exhibit to the WCAG Newsletter. Please note the Newsletter Chair has been given approval by the WCAG                            Board to edit as needed for space allowance in the Newsletter. 


                Solo or exhibit-sharing artists desiring an exhibit reception during their assigned exhibit period for which                      the exhibit facility does not intend to provide a reception, may coordinate and schedule (with the facility)                    their own reception at the artist(s)' own personal expense.    


               NOTICE: Due to Covid-19 some Exhibit info may have changed recently -- check WCAG Newsletter      

Wesleyan at Scenic Exhibit - suspended until tbd

WCAG members' 2-month exhibits occur year-round at

The Wesleyan at Scenic Rehab & Nursing facility in Georgetown

Georgetown Public Library Exhibit

A highlight of many seasons is the WCAG exhibit at the Georgetown Public Library viewed by hundreds of visitors during the community's many art-related events.   


(There is NO exhibit scheduled for this venue through 2021)




                           Agreement Form will be provided here

Legacy Georgetown Exhibit

WCAG members' 1-2 month exhibits occur year-round at

The Legacy Georgetown Retirement Community in Georgetown


Jester Annex Exhibit

WCAG members' 2-month exhibit occurs once a year at

the Willianson County Jester Annex

     (next exhibit expected in Fall of 2021) 

                             2021 Submission Deadline: tbd

                           2021 Art Delivery/Hang date: tbd

                        2021 Art Removal/Pick-up Date: tbd


Guidelines  to be provided here

Agreement Form to be provided here

Red Poppy Cafe Exhibit

WCAG members' 1-month exhibit occurs once a year

at the Red Poppy Cafe in Georgetown

   No WCAG exhibit is currently scheduled for this venue       

                              next Submission Deadline: tbd

                              next Art Delivery/Hang date:  tbd

                              next Art Removal/Pick-up Date:  tbd


Guidelines  will be provided here

Agreement Form will be provided here

TAGat120Art Exhibits

Dues-paid members of the Wiliamson County Art Guild will have member-exhibitor priviledges to participate in monthly exhibits of the TAGat120ART organization at the 120ART Gallery in Taylor, Texas



For Monthly 2020-21 exhibits, guidelines, and forms 

visit: http://tagat120art.com/2017-show-schedule/ 

Additional WCAG Artist’s Exhibit Opportunities

Numerous pro-active WCAG members serve as leaders within additional art organizations in the local art community.  As a result, WCAG artists are informed, encouraged and enabled to exhibit individual pieces or sets of their artwork in additional Central Texas venues and compete for awards, cash prizes and recognition.  Examples of information about these additional exhibits include:


   Art Hop Exhibit  -  Sponsored by The Georgetown Art Center   visit: georgetownartcentertx.org


                    DownTowner Gallery Exhibits  -  Sponsored by Round Rock Arts   visit: roundrockarts.org

St. David's Georgetown Hospital Exhibit

WCAG members' 2-month exhibit occurs once a year at

the St. David's Georgetown Hospital Healing Arts Gallery

2021 Exhibit Call for Art Issued December 2, 2020 

2021 Submission Deadline: December 20, 2020

2021 Art Delivery/Hang date: January 8, 2021

  2021Art Removal/Pick-up Date: March 5, 2020



Liberty Hill Stubblefield Fowler Visitor Center Exhibit

A new WCAG exhibit in the Liberty Hill area

1000 Tx-332 Loop, Liberty Hill, TX        

No WCAG exhibit is currently scheduled for this venue



                           Agreement Form will be provided here

General Advice for Preparing and Showing Artwork


Video Showing How to Prepare Artwork for Exhibits

Here is the link to play the 'virtual exhibit' video on your device (turn on your sound - it has a soundtrack):

View WCAG 2021 Exhibit

620 Art Gallery & Studio Exhibit  2021

For Information for the WCAG 2021 exhibit participation click below