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Among the many art exhibit venues available to our artists in the area, the Guild has it’s own gallery where members can hang and display their work for a month (and offer those pieces for sale, if desired). The gallery space is leased from the Gallery Off The Square Co-op, and is located in The Framer's Gallery at 610 S. Main Street. It is just off the Square in historic downtown Georgetown (Framer’s is a short walk north on Main Street from the Courthouse).

WCAG Members who are interested in hanging their art work at the Gallery Off The Square (Framer's Gallery), should follow these guidelines:
1) Email the WCAG Gallery Chair to request/reserve a space (using either the email address provided to members in the monthly newsletters or using the contact WCAG form provided here on our web CONTACT page) The email should state the approximate framed size of the piece(s).


2) You must be a current dues-paid member of Williamson County Art Guild. (If you are not, please download a Membership Application form from our HOME page, print it, fill it in and bring it and a check for the appropriate dues with your artwork at the designated time it is to be hung in the gallery.) 

3) Members may exhibit up to 2 pieces of art per month at the Framer's Gallery, located at 610 S. Main in Georgetown, TX. Our display wall is at the back, where there is room for about 10-12 art works that are 16 x 20 inches or smaller.  To be exhibited, each piece must have a hanging wire installed and a label including the piece title and artist's name on the back.  The work must be of sufficient quality to look professional.  Acceptable art work must be framed, or on a canvas (with no visible staples) or a panel with a cradle that looks finished.  The establishment owner, Kimi Chapman, will have the last word as to what can or can't be exhibited in her gallery.
4) There is a $10 charge to hang art in our Gallery for a month.  Exhibitors will need to fill out the Exhibitor's Agreement (download here)



and bring it with payment to the gallery with their art at the time specified by the exhibit coordinator.  Extra copies of the agreement may be available at the gallery, but that is not a certainty.


5) Art work to be exhibited during the coming month must be delivered to the gallery between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm on the Thursday that immediately precedes the first Friday of that month.  ALL art work having been on display during any month MUST be picked up at the end of that month at the gallery during this same time interval while the replacement art is being delivered and hung.  The WCAG will not be responsible for art work unclaimed after 3:00pm on that date.
6) The First Friday Event has been temporarily canceled due to Covid-19. Once it is reinstated artists with work on display for any month should attend that month’s  First Friday Artist Reception from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the gallery. Food and beverage will be served during the reception.

All First Friday visitors to the Gallery Off the Square (Framer’s) vote for their favorite piece on the WCAG Gallery wall from 6:00 until 7:45 p.m. 


Each month a vote is taken to determine the "Peoples' Choice" winner among the work on display that month. The member art work receiving the most votes is declared the “Peoples' Choice” winner, and receives a waived hanging fee on our gallery wall for the following month. 

                            (See recent Peoples' Choice Winners on our "Bulletin Board" page)