Furthering the Arts in Williamson County, Texas™

Guest Artists

& Challenge Themes

at our Meetings

Each month at the Guild meetings, we have two very interesting events that have been traditions for years and years. They include an extremely talented Guest Artist who shows and talks about their work, and a monthly challenge put out to member artists to show off their creativity, skills, and their own unique interpretation of the challenge theme.


Guest Artist Presentations:
The highlight of each monthly meeting is, without a doubt, the Guest Artist presentation. The Programs member of our Board scours the surrounding Art Communities, including Williamson and Travis counties for some of the most talented, well known, and uniquely different artists around. They bring their art, their talents and skills, and their own unique interpretation of their world. They come to us from very different backgrounds, different experiences, and different vision for their work. Yet, with all this variation in creativeness, they all speak the language of Art.


Monthly Challenge Theme:
The monthly Challenge Theme is a list of subjects intended to enjoin our members to think about things they don't normally do. It is not only a serious challenge for our members, it is also a great time to have a lot of fun. Some of the members will do a very deep, philosophical interpretation of the challenge, while others will do a faithful, representational work. Some of the works are skill oriented, and some (although still very skillful), are playful and full of fun. It also makes the member come up with a plausible reason on why it fits the challenge.     


Our monthly "Program" meetings ("Regular Meetings," which include guest speakers and/or visual demonstrations on art topics) are held the 1st Tuesday of every month (except July and August).  Meetings begin promptly at 6:30 PM and usually end by 8:00pm.  In-person meetings resume this 2021-22 season at the Georgetown Public Library. Meeting details (including whether the meeting

can be viewed on Zoom) will be communicated to all members and interested artists via email prior to each meeting.  To receive these mail-outs (as a non-member) simply make a request via the "Contact" page on this web site.


Schedule for 2022-2023 Season WCAG Meetings:

                                Not available at this time


                                                         (The WCAG does not hold regular guild meetings in July and August)


Recent WCAG Meeting Minutes are posted on our BULLETIN BOARD page.